Gridap.jl for Hydraulic and Offshore Engineers

This is a library of tutorials made for and by Hydraulic and Offshore Engineering students at Delft University of Technology. The goal of this library is two fold: to give visibility to the work of MSc students and to serve as guidance of new MSc thesis.

The collection of tutorials posted in this site are based on Gridap.jl a pure Julia Finite Element library. You will find tutorials related to MSc thesis from different masters, including:

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This tutorial shows how wave-progression through a porous medium is modelled. The model uses viscous incompressible Navier Stokes in combination with Darcy-Forchheimer resistance terms in the momentum balance, implemented using the Gridap library.

Reference: Ruesen, Joël. Wave damping by large-scale offshore kelp farms - a numerical modelling framework using a porous medium approach. (2022). MSc thesis

This tutorial shows how to solve a Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) problem using Gridap and provides the instructions to build a 2D model considering a multi-module VLFS, solved in the frequency domain.

Reference: Regout, Dorette. Hydroelastic Analysis of a Multi-Module Very Large Floating Structure. (2021). MSc thesis

This tutorial shows how a Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) in a 2D domain is modelled. Potential flow is used to model the fluid and on top a Dynamic Euler-Bernoulli beam is located that serves as the floating structure.

Reference: van Hoof, Sjoerd. Hydroelastic wave deformation of Very Flexible Floating Structures: A performance study of a monolithic finite element model. (2021). MSc thesis

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